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Anderson, SC Newborn Photographer | GraceAnne Newborn Session

A big part of newborn photography is simply patience. Ideally, a baby would come through the door and they would be sound asleep and I could get right to work. But sometimes, this is not the case. When a baby comes in and they are awake, I always have a plan in place.

Baby GraceAnne was wide awake when I first met her, and as much as I loved seeing those gorgeous eyes, I needed her to fall asleep so that I could get the unwrapped poses her mama wanted.

The first thing I do is attempt the wrapped poses first. This can be helpful in making the baby feel warm and secure, and is often is enough to get the baby the drift off to sleep.

If the baby is still awake after those shots are taken, I ask Mom to feed the baby. Sometimes being held by Mom and having a snack will work wonders in getting the baby to sleep.

After the nursing break, if baby is still wiggling around, I will often invite the parents to take the baby outside for a short walk, especially if it is nice and warm outside.

It took a lot convincing for Miss GraceAnne to go to sleep. She definitely did not want to miss out on any of her session! But in the end, we were able to get her into a deep enough sleep to get all the poses I was aiming for. All it takes is patience, patience, patience.


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